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I'm a Guilford College graduate with a B.S. in Criminal Justice; I minored in Visual Arts Photography. My blog tracks the highs and lows of my experience in a Film Photography course during the Spring of 2013 and up to the present, as I delve into digital photography. I may even include other mediums of art such as acrylic paint, graphite drawings, etc. I'll talk about my experiences snapping photos or simply snapping from frustration as well as my successes and failures, tips and tricks that I've learned, and exploring the photography/art world through the lens of a Black woman.

31 January 2015

Digital Photography Certification Course? Yes, please.

Well look at God! I've recently been bouncing around the idea of getting a job or getting certified in different fields. Randomly, last night, I decided to look into what Groupon has to offer in reference to certification programs, because in the past, I've found deals for being a legal assistant and a couple of days ago, someone posted a Groupon for getting certified in I.T. and something else. I can't remember. WELL lo and behold, when searching for certification programs on Groupon last night, not only did I find a Beginner's Criminology course on there (which would be a refresher for me), I found a DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY COURSE! I'll learn about digital photography, web animation, web development, Photo Art Studio, and Photoshop.
The fine print reads: Expires 180 days after purchase. Limit 4 per person, may buy 1 additional as a gift for 1 class option. Limit 1 per person for 2 and 4 class options. Limit 1 per visit. Valid only for option purchased. Online registration required. Must activate by the expiration on your Groupon, course will expire 1-year from activation. Merchant is solely responsible to purchasers for the care and quality of the advertised goods and services. Not only does this mean, I need to get off my butt and buy a digital camera and equipment, I'm gonna need to get out there and actually start shooting. I'm going to need to be serious about doing this course. Investing my energy into my art has been very troubling lately, because I've got some personal stuff going on that I'm trying to work out, but I'm trying... or would like to push myself into being energetic and motivated as far as photography and art. When I purchase the Groupon offer and begin using it, I'll give you all a review. The offer can be found here [x].

08 January 2015

Finding quality equipment

I'm venturing into digital photography. Like I've mentioned in the past, I don't have the equipment and space to keep doing caffenol + black and white film photography, but I still want to take pictures. Digital will allow me to take pictures in color, learn a new medium, and it's more convenient. Because of my new interest, I have been researching like crazy what camera is best for me and what other equipment/tools I will need. I'm looking into purchasing a Canon T3i. Vlogger, Sarah Rae Vargas, uses a Canon T4i for her vlogs and I like the quality of her videos, but a college classmate of mine uses the T3i and I like the quality of her pictures. I feel that there wouldn't be much difference between the two. I'm starting off and limiting myself on how much I'll spend, so T3i may be my choice.
I've been looking for new and used cameras on Amazon, KEH, and B&H photo. I would look on eBay, because I got a really awesome macro lens for my Pentax K1000 on there, but I'm just really apprehensive about buying a camera or camera parts on eBay as of lately and for something I'm completely venturing into "blindly." I'm struggling on deciding whether to buy a camera body & lens together or trying to find the body for cheap on one site, then look for the lens on another. Again, I'm still learning and researching, so I don't know. What do you think? Comment below your suggestion(s)!
I asked my photo-friend about memory cards and batteries, she told me to get a battery that goes with my camera (Canon camera = Canon battery), so that's what I've been doing lately. I've added a few on my wishlist. I have to look for a reasonably priced battery charger and some memory cards, next. My photo-friend recommended SanDisk, which I have used in the past and usually lean towards. However, I found this awesome web page with memory card recommendations for the Canon T3i here [x]. Once I get the necessary basics, I'll look into a carrying case and a tripod. Maybe even decent photo editing software, Any recommendations on that? Anyway, I know I said I wanted to purchase some lenses for my iPhone 6, but after some research, I discovered that the kind that I want will not fit on my phone once my Otterbox Defender case gets here. I will have to take my case off to use the lenses and I don't have time for that. Taking my case off and on will stretch it out, plus the entire thought of doing that seems exhaustive/inconvenient. Maybe I will find lenses that can work around the case, maybe I change my mind and decide to go through the trouble of taking my case on and off. Who knows...

07 January 2015

2015 | New year, new interests!

It's a new year and I figure what better time than now to blog about my newest art interest... DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY! That's right, I want to delve into the digital world. I've graduated college and I'm back home with my parents. Being home with my parents means not having any space to practice my film photography. When I get my own place, I aspire to have one room dedicated to photography--basically, a dark room. I'll use it for loading my film into developing tanks, drying film, and of course looking at my photographs. However, because I don't have that privilege, right now, I decided to look into digital photography. This way, I can still do what I love as well as continue experiencing, experimenting, and learning.
My biggest crisis right now is figuring out what I need. I feel as if it is fairly simple, but seeing as I spent my years in college learning about film photography, my knowledge goes as far as the camera body and lenses, film and the best kind, developing tanks, weighing scales, making caffenol and fix, developing paper, and enlargers. In reference to digital, I've grasped that I'm going to need a camera body, lenses, memory cards (?), and a battery. I'm still learning, I'm asking other photographers, and I'm asking friends who went from film to digital.
Right now, I'm looking at purchasing a Canon T3i. The T4i has been recommended, but I was told besides the price difference, the features are similar. I would purchase used or rent, but I know the type of the person that I am, also, I'm a beginner. Meaning, I'll be purchasing a new camera. I've also decided to purchase lenses for my iPhone 6. The camera on this baby is already mag-freaking-nificent... getting a fish eye and macro lens wouldn't hurt. Especially if I see something while on-the-go, but don't have my camera with me. Since I'm getting lenses for my iPhone and venturing into digital photography, I'm going to make an Instagram for my photography. Of course, it will be called gregariousalisnaps. It will be a private account however, because people tend to steal other artists' work. It's already hard out hear for black female photographers [x], I don't need the disrespect and/or people stealing my work... unless they'd like to face that good ole DCMA Takedown *smirking emoji*.
Anyway, I hope you come along with me on this journey. Leave me comments and you're welcome to contact me about anything. Thanks