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I'm a Guilford College graduate with a B.S. in Criminal Justice; I minored in Visual Arts Photography. My blog tracks the highs and lows of my experience in a Film Photography course during the Spring of 2013 and up to the present, as I delve into digital photography. I may even include other mediums of art such as acrylic paint, graphite drawings, etc. I'll talk about my experiences snapping photos or simply snapping from frustration as well as my successes and failures, tips and tricks that I've learned, and exploring the photography/art world through the lens of a Black woman.

24 April 2013

Center City Park, Greensboro, NC

On 18 April 2013, my photography class and I went to Downtown Greensboro for a workshop/field trip to explore the area and take pictures. My teacher told me about a park and the middle of downtown and I ended up falling in love. There were so many shapes, so much movement, people, and activities to take pictures of up. I think what particularly interested me was the curves, lines, and shapes of the three different fountains in Center City Park. In addition, I fell for the way the water in the fountain moved. I had so much to take pictures of and so much to look at. For once, I was excited to get out there and take pictures. It didn't to matter to me who all was in the park that may be watching me do what I do - I was "geeking out" and capturing the best essence of what interested me the most. The most eventful part of the trip was gaining photographic clientele. I got contact information from four different people while in the park, because they wanted me to send them the pictures that I had take of either them or their little ones that I used as in-the-moment models. I haven't had a chance to digitally upload the rest of my images, but below are what I was able to get to throughout this evening.

As stated in older posts [x] [x] [x], I take my black and while film negatives and scan them into an Epson scanner to create a digital photograph which can later be printed off into a digital print.

Copyright infringement applies to my photographs. Unauthorized use of my images on other websites is prohibited.

15 April 2013


Lately, I have been wanting to do things differently than how I have been. I've had moments in which I've been tempted to go back into the darkroom, because I miss the feeling of accomplishment and achievement I get out of my darkroom prints compared to how my images have been looking digitally. I cannot decide whether my images look shitty because I'm not exposing properly, my shutter speed isn't slow enough, or if it's the content that I'm taking pictures of. I can only determine whether my pictures are missing what they used to have by stepping back into the darkroom.
As of recently I haven't had time to devote to my photography, because of my mother's illnesses and repeat hospitalizations which have set me completely off track and put me behind in all of my work. However, this past weekend, I found time to go take pictures of cute kids (my intention for the semester), develop them, and I attempted to make prints in the darkroom, but after 15 minutes I just wasn't feeling it. Something in me wasn't feeling being in that darkroom. I wanted to geek out, but I felt like I had to get out of there because my mind wasn't in it. Ultimately, I turned my negatives into digital images and the results of that... I don't like too much. All of my pictures seem underexposed. I've been so focused on taking a picture of what I want to be the right thing that I keep forgetting to properly expose it. In result, all of my pictures seem to be too dark.
Lately, I've been debating on whether I want to change the vision and direction that I want to go in for my final project. I enjoyed photographing adorable babies last week and I thought spending my semester visiting my classmate's daycare would give the pictures I was looking for, but I just feel like, "Okay that was cute... but this is boring."

I want to photograph subjects in which once you look at that picture, you can see what I was trying to capture, you can feel my essence in it. I'm supposed to go home this weekend and I plan on photographing my sister's kids. For some reason, I feel like my best photographs come from time I spend with them. I guess it's because I love them so much. I bought a couple of rolls of more film and I might have to buy more once I get a new bank card, because I lost my old one, but I think I just need to get a bunch of pictures of my niece and nephews then work from there.

Copyright infringement applies to my photographs. Unauthorized use of my images on other websites is prohibited.